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​A playground for creative people

​Lincoln Studio


​Eight twin bedrooms that can accommodate up to 16 people.
​We help you create a free and luxurious time in Izu Kogen, where the sea breeze passes through the trees.

Izu Creative Art Studio
​Lincoln Studio

​Enjoyment: Information Book

Bring an instrument and sing with your friends and family.
Draw as many pictures as you like with your children.
Take a nap with a book in your arms in the sunlight filtering through the trees on the terrace.

Cook meals and enjoy chatting with friends.

Have a barbecue and be mesmerized by the starry sky.

​Forget time and water your sensibilities.

​ Have a wonderful time.

Play with art.

Immerse yourself in art as if you were at home or in your own villa. We have art supplies and easels for children.
​The Izu Kogen area also has many museums and many hands-on art experiences. You can enjoy a variety of art within a 10-15 minute drive from Lincoln Studio.


Concerts and practices until 8pm
​Performance is welcome.

A piano, speaker, and microphone are available in the glass-enclosed living space. There are benches in the garden and you can enjoy outdoor concerts. Connect it to your smartphone and enjoy karaoke or your child's piano concert with family and friends. Please create such a fun time to gather with your music circle friends.

There is a full kitchen where you can bring your own ingredients and enjoy cooking with friends and family in a completely private space.

Enjoy cooking.

play at night.

​Walk out the front door of Lincoln Studio and look up. You should feel that the stars are close.

Have a barbecue under the Milky Way,

You can enjoy the sunset and see the best illumination in Japan, just 8 minutes away by car. The fireworks display is also something to look forward to.

●   News:Event information

Omuroyama Yamayaki

Omuroyama Yamayaki is a traditional event with a history of over 700 years. A magnificent landscape where the entire mountain is burnt. After being ignited, the sight of bright red flames rushing from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain at an altitude of 580 meters is a sight to behold! From ``Sakura no Sato'', you can see the scenery of the mountain burnt completely black.

*It may be postponed in case of rain or stormy weather.

Date: 2024/2/11

​8 minutes by car from Lincoln Studio

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