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リンカンスタジオ, 伊豆高原,近隣レストランガイド,

play with music

Playing Music

■ Concerts: Music circles, band practice, instrument practice, etc., chorus recitals
Customers are welcome to bring their own instruments and play as they like.
It is also possible to hold a mini-concert within the reserved schedule.

We have 1 piano, 1 set of speakers, and 1 microphone.
It is designed to prevent sound leakage, but for those who live nearby.
We are open until 20:00.

There is no karaoke equipment. You can enjoy it by singing with a karaoke app using a speaker from a Bluetooth-connected device.

■Concerts, etc. that take advantage of the garden with the living room door open
Outdoor sessions are available in spring, summer, and autumn, mainly from the end of April to October.
The outdoor seating area has benches that can seat about 50 people.
Please note that there are only 5 parking spaces available.
If you are using the outdoor space, staff will be available to assist with opening and closing doors, etc.

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