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リンカンスタジオ, 伊豆高原,近隣レストランガイド,

One group per day from two to 16 people


Try planning an event. Try holding a private concert.
Let's all enjoy cooking together.

Due to its special design, it has a structure that prevents sound from leaking to the outside.
A 300㎡ building for rent with a two-story, glass-enclosed atrium that can accommodate concerts.
As this is a villa area where some people live nearby, there are restrictions on the sound production early in the morning and at night, but please make your vacation special.

We can provide wine glasses, champagne glasses, etc. if you wish. Please tell us.

Each bedroom has 8 twin rooms on the second floor.
Each room has a unit bath, maisonette area and air conditioner.

Go down the stairs from the second floor to the semi-open-air bath.
Please check the floor guide for details.

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