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リンカンスタジオ, 伊豆高原,近隣レストランガイド,

Popular area for touring and cyclists


From the Izu Skyline, which runs with Mt. Fuji in the background, you will be fascinated by the sea and mountains.
The Izu Peninsula is a popular area for bike touring and cycling, where you can enjoy the mountains and the sea. It is an area with many fans of gourmet food, beautiful scenery, and hot springs.
◆Take the Izu Skyline to Izu Kogen.
From Odawara, take the turnpike from Jukoku Pass to Atami Pass IC, then enter Izu Skyline, which is an exhilarating route that runs along the mountain range. Although it is a toll road, there are observation decks at spots where you can stop your bike and enjoy the scenery. It is a road that offers a panoramic view of Mt. Fuji and Sagami Bay. In the Atami-Ito area, people who enjoy paragliding are surprised to see them flying overhead. This is a toll road. However, please be aware that some areas experience freezing and snowfall in the winter, and deer can be seen flying around at night.
This course is recommended for spring, summer, and autumn.
If you are using the Don Quijote Ito store, which is a great place to purchase ingredients for a large group, please get off at Kameishi Pass and enter Ito from Usami. Meat and fish are cheap and recommended.

◆Route 135
Since people are heading towards Kanagawa, many people are cycling along the course that runs along the coast. Usami Beach has a public parking lot in the back on the left, but it is a quiet beach with few people because it is inconspicuous and there are few tourists.
Mt. Komuro in Kawana also has a lift and a cafe at the top, so you can relax. It has a panoramic view of the sea.
Mt. Omuro also has a lift that allows you to go around the crater. On a clear day, you can see Mt. Fuji, the ocean, and Oshima.

From Lincoln Studio, enjoy touring around Shimoda, Shuzenji, Amagi Kogen, Nishiizu, and even Numazu. It's also fun to step up to the public hot springs that are all over the place.

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