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About Us

We will always strive to improve and further enhance our services with the motto of ``imagine the time that will nurture the hearts of our customers.'' We strive to always provide a better time for our children, families, friends, local residents, and visitors from all over the world.


株式会社Telluric Heart







​設立   2023年 6月

​取締役  大倉 隆介

許認可  旅館業(簡易宿所 営業)

​取引銀行 住信SBIネット銀行

取引先      Airbnb

                   ヤフートラベル 他


We provide a space that enriches the travel experience of both domestic and international guests.
Also welcome to use for music and art events.

​Children are welcome. We operate a rental villa in a former vacation home in Izu Kogen.

vacation villa

We provide space for events, mini concerts, recitals, wedding parties, etc. Kickoff meetings and training for corporations. We also provide event planning and support.


We provide support to various creators, and our artist MV production staff handles everything from filming to editing, including promotional videos for artists, wedding party videos for guests, and commemorative travel videos for three generations of a family.


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