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In order to ensure that our guests using our rental villa can spend their time safely and comfortably, we have established the following terms of use based on Article 9 of the Accommodation Terms and Conditions, and we ask that you please abide by them. If you do not abide by these terms, we may cancel your accommodation contract. If you wish to use the space for commercial purposes (small group seminars, magazine or commercial shoots, etc.), please contact us separately.

  1. If there are more people than the capacity, you cannot use the room (babies sleeping with you are not included in the number of people using the room).

  2. You cannot invite friends who are not staying with you to use the villa and garden. In addition, we strictly prohibit any use by more than the number of people and bets reserved. (Uses other than lodging, events, concerts, etc. will require a separate contract)

  3. As soon as it becomes clear that the number of people or beds exceeds the number of guests declared at the time of reservation, you will be asked to leave the property immediately and pay a penalty (more than double the usage fee).

  4. If you are staying in multiple villas, please refrain from gathering in a single villa in excess of its capacity for safety and facilities reasons.

リンカンスタジオ 利用規約

別荘のご利用形態について (宿泊)

当施設 貸別荘について

  1. This rental villa is a non-smoking facility. If the smell or traces of smoking are detected, you may be asked to pay for house cleaning fees and replacement costs for bedding and equipment. Please smoke outside. The smoking area is located on the bench in front of the entrance and next to the stairs outside the second floor door.

  2. If you intentionally or accidentally damage or stain villa equipment, electrical appliances, furniture, goods, etc., you will be responsible for the full cost of restoration. However, this does not apply if insurance is paid.

  3. The facilities and equipment of this rental villa are lent to the guest only during the period of stay and cannot be taken home. Please do not take it out of the villa.

  4. Number of beds available: 8 twin rooms and 16 single beds. Each room maisonette space 1 futon set

  5. Check-in from 15:00 to 20:00. Check-out time: 10am. Extensions are available at a negotiable fee. Please let us know your estimated arrival time by email the day before your stay.

  6. The following items are prohibited from being brought into the venue.

    1. Hazardous materials such as gunpowder, explosives, gasoline, kerosene, chemicals, toxic gas, volatile oil, etc.

    2. Putrefying materials, filthy materials, and other materials that emit moisture, foul odors, strange odors, odors, etc.

    3. Cats, birds, reptiles and other pets in general

    4. extremely large quantities of goods

    5. Other items prohibited by law, etc.


  1. It cannot be used by minors (under 18 years of age).

  2. Please refrain from any behavior that may disturb public morals or public order, and any behavior that may cause a nuisance to the neighborhood, such as playing music, playing music, or having loud conversations late at night or early in the morning.

  3. Please refrain from using the property for any purpose other than lodging, such as business activities (exhibitions, etc.) without permission from the villa manager.

  4. Please refrain from words, actions, and parking outside the premises that cause a significant nuisance to nearby residents.

  5. Anti-social use is prohibited.

  6. If there is a nuisance to the neighbors at the villa, such as making loud noises at night, the neighboring residents may report it to the police, but in that case, the villa user will be legally responsible for everything. .

  7. We are not responsible for any accidents caused by natural disasters, carelessness on the part of vacation home users, or accidents that occur due to failure to comply with these terms and conditions.

  8. The manager and villa owner are not responsible for any damage, theft, or accidents to villa users' vehicles or items brought with them.

  9. Management staff may make rounds for management purposes.

  10. Please refrain from making significant changes or decorations to the interior or exterior.

  11. Please let us know if you would like to do painting or children's crafts. Please help us prevent pollution. We rent blue seats.

  1. ご滞在中、貸し別荘から出られるときは施錠をご確認ください。

  2. 別荘に滞在中や特に就寝の時にも施錠をご確認ください。来訪者があったときは、不用意に開扉なさらずにドアフックをかけたまま開扉下さい。不審者と思われる場合は、直ちに管理人または警察へご連絡ください。

  3. ご来訪客と別荘内でのご面会はお止めください。

  4. ​チェックアウト時間を必ず前日夕方までに、施設管理担当へご連絡ください。忘れ物チェック及び鍵の受け渡しを対面で行います。

Matters to be observed for security reasons

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